technology consulting company
technology consulting company

Infrastructure Management

We can provide you with a full range of network support services, ranging from daily, weekly or monthly onsite visits to offshore monitoring and remote support. We can function as your IT partner in helping you make the right decision about what applications best suite your business needs.

Product Development

We can add value along each stage in the product lifecycle (architecture design, UI development, functionality development, QA and security testing) by providing turnkey solutions or managing individual segments of that process. This can take place offshore, onsite or a combination of both.

Offshore Development

Menpachi Solutions will work to find you the right company to provide you with web development, software development and software testing services. Our talented partners display an amazing expertise in Mobile, .NET, J2EE, J2ME, C#, PHP, and Drupal. We form offshore teams to work seamlessly with your onsite PM or Architect. You can also have complete control over the progress and milestones regarding projects.

Onsite Services

For those clients that prefer onsite support for projects, Menpachi Solutions will source and send top tier Project Managers, Architects, or Engineers to provide you with the IT services you need. At the same time, our on-site people will manage the offshore team for you to facilitate progress and strengthen communication ties.

Web and UI Design

Our professional designers and web experts are engaged in designing and developing user interfaces for program applications and interactive websites. The talent and experience of our designers are evident in what they create: user interfaces that harmonize perfectly with the particular design features of any given software product.


As the world becomes increasingly flat, the need to provide products and services to a local market become ever more important. Our global network of partners allows us not only to translate your application into the language you need, but modify the application to fit the business processes and cultures of the country you are doing business in.

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